MD&M East: Medical Design & Manufacturing East

Join Yuhgo Yamaguchi at an express workshop, where you will learn how to apply consumer trends to medical device design.
Participants will:

-Apply a simple framework to help you work better with business partners to develop new products and features

-Move away from the mindset of fixing problems and towards anticipating future needs

-Work in small teams to practice using this framework so that you can apply it to your current projects

Date and time: June 14, 2016, 1:15 pm EST


Express Workshop: Now Trending: Applying Consumer Trends To Device Design To Leapfrog Your Competition

Session Speaker: Yugho Yamaguchi, Principal Design Strategist

  • Yamaguchi Yuhgo
    Yuhgo Yamaguchi

    Yuhgo is designing a more human-centered, connected future for healthcare. At Continuum, he manages client engagements and expands the firm’s healthcare service offerings, designing innovative experiences for people throughout the care ecosystem.

    Yuhgo worked previously at Philips Healthcare, where he worked with cross-disciplinary teams to develop wearable devices for seniors and children. He also managed user research for medical device design programs at Insight Product Development. With a background in finance and healthcare, he is constantly thinking about the intersection of care and its financial impact on people.

    Yuhgo has a BA in economics from Colby College.