IXDC 2018: Constructing a New Framework for UX

IXDC 2018 Hero

The International Experiene Design Committee (IXDC) 2018 theme is: CONSTRUCT A NEW FRAMEWORK FOR UX. It’s a strategic system to reshape and foresee user values, jointly creating new scenarios that exceed expectations and point to the next change: personality, intelligence and platform.

Brand Creation Summit: July 18, 2018, 14:30-17:20

Senior Design Strategist Francesca Wang will speak on "Inspiration from the Post-95 Brand Concept: How to disrupt the brand and design strategy." She will bring new brand ideas to help companies looking to attract “loyal switchers” with corresponding experience and design.

Workshop: July 19,2018, 9:00-12:00

Principal Dorian Liu will bring his topic "Using the five-sense blueprint to create a personalized dining experience system" to a workshop. Participants will be able to discover the secrets of popular foods behind customer’s emotional dining choices.

  • Francesca Wang
    Francesca Wang
    Senior Design Strategist

    Francesca leads a team in creating meaningful design strategy by deeply understanding consumer insights, with her creative design background and business instincts. She has been working on finding the balance between the ideal consumer experience and excellent business results. She has led projects including service experience design, UI design, brand design and product design.

    As an entrepreneur, Francesca founded the Hong Kong Bai Fa Gai chain restaurant brand, expanding 8 branch stores across 4 cities within 10 months while managing an integrated omni-channel marketing strategy. She holds a B.A. in industrial design from Fudan University, and fashion design certificate from Milan Istituto Marangoni. Francesca also teaches art education as guest lecturer at Fudan University and US Consulate youth abroad education department.