IDSA International Design Conference 2017: Business Model Innovation: Assets, Anchors and Purpose

IDSA Kevin Hero

Each year, designers, business leaders, educators and students from all over the world gather at the IDSA International Conference and Education Symposium. This event combines provocative speakers with practical information and solutions, as well as with plenty of time for building personal and professional connections.

Today’s marketplace is evolving rapidly, as new technologies and big shifts in cultural norms are leading to an incredible pace of market disruptions. And business model innovation is often a key enabler of market disruptions. Kevin Young, IDSA, of Continuum will provide a definition of business model innovation and share three meta dynamics that are influencing why and how business model innovation is happening today.

  • Kevin Young
    Kevin Young
    Head of Product Experience

    Kevin is responsible for maintaining the health of and planning for the growth of EPAM Continuum’s Product Experience business. He also leads programs and project teams directly, working with clients to solve their most complex challenges.

    Kevin is deeply invested in connected consumer health. His work brings together the necessity of strong healthcare products, effectiveness of good design, and the coming ubiquity of the Internet of Things.

    Kevin graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a BID in industrial design. His product design successes have resulted in 14 design excellence awards and 18 U.S. patents.