Global Food & Beverage Packaging Summit

Date: July 7, 2015


Panel Discussion: Addressing the Challenge of Satisfying Multiple Age Groups with One Package

Speaker: Christine Horan, Principal

Audiences attending this panel will learn:

  • Ways to deliver an effective brand story for different consumer habits and expectations

  • Which trends are here to stay or about to expire?

  • How do we take the next generation into consideration as millennials age?
  • A look into demographic spending habits and their influence on packaging
  • How to overcome hurdles in product development
  • Horan Christine
    Christine Horan
    Practice Lead, Principal

    Christine combines a passion for and curiosity about human behavior with technical expertise in product development. Working alongside colleagues during research and testing, Christine gains keen insight into the needs of end users that fuel technically innovative solutions.
    Since joining Continuum in 2005, Christine has worked on projects in the medical and consumer packaged goods industries. She’s used her experiences with CPGs to develop knowledge and tools to support clients in the development process from concept ideation to manufacturing and distribution.
    Christine received a BS in biomedical engineering with a concentration in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.