Four Innovations Healthcare Providers Can (and Should) Steal from Other Industries: Online Webinar

You know change is needed.

Health systems, hospitals, and clinics across the U.S. are recognizing the need for a more holistic and human-centered approach to patient care. But how do you do it?

Answers can be found outside the healthcare space.

Proven solutions can be found in the human-centered innovations of other industries, including financial services, retail, and higher education. While the U.S. healthcare system is laden with more complexity than most consumer industries—and the implications of innovation are far weightier—there is no need to start from ground zero.

Who should attend?

Healthcare providers, hospital administrators, patient experience professionals, innovation leaders, and anyone interested in reforming the healthcare system.

What will you learn?

Actionable strategies from other industries to help improve PX;
Real-world examples of care providers leveraging these strategies today and outcomes they've seen;
Fundamental framework for innovating patient-centered solutions.

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  • Anthony Pannozzo
  • Kate Dudgeon