Daisy Squeeze on Counter

Small changes in the packaging of consumer packaged goods (CPGs) may not look like much, but underneath lie a series of consumer-imposed, design, and manufacturing constraints. Given all of these potential difficulties, it can be daunting to approach CPG innovation, but it’s well worth it—the work will have a lasting impact both on customer satisfaction and sales. The process won’t be quick or easy, but the results will justify the investment.

Hear Principal Kristin Heist speak on how we designed Daisy's inverted foil pouch—the first cap-down package in the dairy category.

Date and time: June 14, 2016, 1:15 pm EST


Mastering a Flexible Packaging Conversion or Relaunch

Session Speaker: Kristin Heist, Director, Product Experience

  • Heist Kristin
    Kristin Heist
    Director, Strategy Practice

    Kristin has spent her career transforming an understanding of people into ideas that make sense for the future. She leads international programs to help companies identify new opportunities in the areas of food & beverage, home care, healthcare, finance, and communications.

    With a background in mechanical engineering and 10 years’ experience in strategy and human factors, Kristin’s sweet spot is the intersection of human needs and technical systems.

    Kristin also leads Continuum’s Sustainable Innovation community. She holds a MA in industrial design from the University of the Arts and a BA in engineering sciences and studio art from Dartmouth College.