Design Thinking DC: Fall Summit 2017

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Design Thinking DC brings together people from business, design, technology and beyond to learn and share.

During a panel discussion, audience members will hear from experienced design thinkers about lessons learned scaling Design Thinking across large organizations. Jon Campbell, Senior Vice President, Experience & Service Design at Continuum will give us an agency perspective working with large Fortune 500 companies across many different industries. Jen Fox, Managing Design Strategist, Design Thinking at Capital One will give us an in-house perspective building innovation capacity at Cap One. Jeneanne Rae, Federal Customer Experience Leader for Deloitte's Civilian Practice will give us a federal perspective working with some of the largest federal government agencies. Q&A will follow.

And it wouldn't be a DT:DC event without a skills-building session. Storytelling is essential for design leadership and critical to communicating the transformational value of design innovation. Jon Campbell from Continuum will return for this session to present a hands-on storytelling workshop. You will be able to leave this session and apply your new skills the next day to help you persuade and motivate your colleagues to unlock the power of design innovation.

  • Campbell Jon
    Jon Campbell
    Head of Experience & Service Design

    Jon helps organizations become customer-centered and develop their internal capability for repeatedly creating, launching, and scaling new offerings and compelling customer experiences.

    Prior to EPAM Continuum, Jon served as Manager, Prospect Marketing, at Harley-Davidson Motor Co., overseeing lead generation, lead nurturing, and interactive programs focused on the acquisition of new customers and development of compelling customer journeys. He also spent time at ad agency Cramer-Krasselt, working on brand strategy, marketing communications, and new product development.

    Jon holds a master of design methods degree from Chicago’s Institute of Design (IIT) and a BA in journalism from the University of Wisconsin.