Building an Innovative Healthcare Organization: A Conversation with Innovation Leaders

An Executive Panel Discussion & Networking Event

The competitive landscape is changing as organizations awaken to the value of building internal innovation capabilities to drive growth. Particularly in healthcare, where emphasis is increasingly being placed on the patient experience and outcomes, companies are challenged to quickly and repeatedly innovate new solutions for patient care.
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Some questions discussed:

  • How are organizations approaching innovation and patient experience, and how is it manifesting itself?
  • What approaches have been found effective in driving better outcomes through new innovations?
  • How can organizations develop repeatable methods for improving patient experience and diffusing the new offerings?
  • What have organizations found to be successful in affecting change in such a complex industry? How have they structured, resourced, and measured innovation?
  • What are the challenges and solutions they've found to piloting and implementing new ideas in such a high-stakes and regulated environment?
  • meill augusta
    Augusta Meill
    Vice President, Program Development
  • FPO Chris McCarthy
    Chris McCarthy
    Specialist and Co-Lead, The Innovation Consultancy, Kaiser Permanente; Founder Director, Innovation Learning Network

    In his 12+ years at Kaiser Permanente, Chris has led and managed many of the organization's innovation initiatives. He has researched, designed, and implemented multi-hospital innovations in perinatal services, nurse shift changes, and medication administration.

    In 2006, Chris founded the Innovation Learning Network. In this role, he has built a community of international healthcare professionals growing innovation know-how around the globe and connecting organizations for strategic collaborations.

    Chris recently received the 2015 H.I.T. Men & Women Award from Healthcare IT News for his work developing and promoting new solutions within the healthcare space.

  • FPO Edward Boudrot
    Edward Boudrot
    Vice President, Product Strategy and Management, Optum

    Ed is Vice President of Product Strategy and Management at Optum. In this role, he leads product and consumer experience strategy as a part of a larger goal of transforming the health system to improve care delivery, quality, and cost-effectiveness through innovative technology and experiences.

    Prior to joining Optum, Ed spent more than ten years in product management and marketing at companies such as SnapApp, Exit41, Intuit, and AskJeeves.

    Ed is a recent recipient of Optum’s Leadership in Innovation award.

  • FPO Adam Dole
    Adam Dole
    Vice President, Strategy, Better

    Adam is the vice president of strategy at Better, a personal health assistant service based in Palo Alto, CA. Better pairs members with their own team of personal health assistants who are dedicated to helping people achieve the health outcomes that matter most to them by making the healthcare system feel more human and less complex.

    Adam spent three years as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Mayo Clinic, which is where he helped to co-found Better in collaboration with venture fund Social Captial. In 2013, Adam also served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow, working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on Blue Button, an initiative that aims to increase the access to and use of electronic healthcare records in a secure and shareable format.