BLUR: Consumer + Digital Health Convergence Panel Discussion


Date and Time: November 5, 6:30 pm PST

Featuring: BLUR: Consumer + Digital Convergence Panel

Session Speakers: Samantha Katz, Digital Health Lead, Continuum; Mike Dunkley, SVP, Medical, Continuum; Dr. David Rhew, Chief Medical Officer, Samsung; Dr. Steve Ommen, Associated Dean, Center for Connected Care, Mayo Clinic; Dr. Michael Diamond, Medical Director, Misfit

Convergence is happening.

Digital technology is blurring the line between consumer and medical in healthcare.

Consumer companies are breaking with tradition by offering more clinical benefits, and vice versa. Meanwhile, consumer technologies fail to stick and medical technologies are slow to commercialize.

Blur DH-Panel

How can consumer health tech avoid the junk drawer?
How can devices stand out in the crowded consumer health space?
Which aspects of health are best owned by patients, and which are best left to providers?
Consumer dollars, reimbursement dollars, or both—which is best for business?
Users expect innovation at the consumer tech pace—how can med tech keep up?
When can medical consumer companies learn from each other?

  • Dunkley_Mike
    Mike Dunkley
    Head of Healthcare

    Mike leads EPAM Continuum’s medical devices business and is inspired by the opportunity to deliver better healthcare experiences. He’s passionate about understanding client needs and translating them into successful collaborations.

    Mike joined EPAM Continuum in May of 2012. He has worked in commercial, project management, and technical roles on numerous multi-disciplinary projects within the medical, consumer, and energy sectors. His experience spans initial project orientation through to product commercialization.

    Previously, Mike held various upper-management roles at Cambridge Consultants and worked as VP of Engineering at Cambridge-based start-up Pronutria. He earned a BA and Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

  • Samantha Katz
    Senior Strategist/Digital Health Lead