AI and Human Augmentation in Healthcare: AI for the Rest of Us

AI for the Rest of Us

There is a lot of debate around whether machines will take human jobs. While some people believe that machines will replace human jobs, others are of the opinion that the application of machines will create more jobs than it will replace.

Come and learn with us whether technology and humans can together create robust healthcare solutions. The event includes opening remarks, a speaker session, and networking.

  • Bottorf Toby
    Toby Bottorf
    VP, Service and Experience Design

    Toby joined Continuum to establish a digital design capability, and is now a VP in service design, leading teams to design solutions for complex human and technical systems. His work builds on a career in UX and interface design.

    Recent work includes Audi on demand, a premium mobility service; the design of a client communications tool for a financial services company; and the strategy and experience design of a digital coaching platform for a leading American health insurer.

    Toby holds a master’s degree in communications design from the Institute of Design (IIT) and a BA in art from Yale University.